Our Mission

The Mission of Podcast Connect is simple. Create a number of Podcast Brands that will provide a umbrella of services for consumers, podcasters. . This is our roll-out plan.
Techpodcasts.com an independent website that I am part of will official launch in March 2005 with it’s own brand. It is a group of Tech Podcasters working together, promoting each other and protecting each others interest.
In May 2005 Podcast-One will launch. Podcast One will be companies and individuals one source to production and consulting services for those wishing to create podcast.
In June 2005 the 1st annual Peoples Choice Podcast Awards will kickoff !
In July 2005 Podcast Stream will launch with a service to bridge the power of walk away content with those using traditional streaming services.
Mid year 2005 will see the launch of the Podcaster News Network with Domestic Sports, News, Technology, Business, Science, Politics. At the Same time we will Launch Podcast International that will cover the same topics on a International Scale
This is a very aggressive schedule and is not without challenges. We are looking for Investors, Podcasters, Sponsors and anyone else that wants to work with the Podcast Connect family. We are not asking you to sell your brand only align with us to utilize the resources of what we are organizing.
Get involved podcast@podcastconnect.com