Podcast Connect Launches

Podcast Connect Inc. was founded in 2005 by Todd Cochrane author of Podcasting The Do It Yourself Guide and Founder of Geek news Central and the Geek News Central Podcast. He is also the co-founder of TechPodcasts.com which is the worlds largest technical podcasting organization. Additional the Podcaster News Network which is launching in Nov of 2005 as a independent company was the brain child of Podcast Connect Inc founder.
The Mission of Podcast Connect is simple. Create a number of Podcast Brands that will provide a umbrella of services for consumers, and podcasters. To align quality audio shows with quality advertisers to promote business and brand building Ultimately with the end goal of “Podcasters do the work, Podcasters get paid.”
Advertisers: If you are an advertising firm desiring or are the ad placement agent for your company, Podcast Connect Inc has a proven track record of connecting podcasters and advertisers. Many podcasters shows sizes are such that it is not worth your time to sign individual ad inserts. We help you find a cadre of shows that meet your market and do a bulk insert of your promotion. You sign one deal with us we handle the rest of the insertion order details. For more info marketing@podcastconnect.com
Note: The podcasting model is different in that, we can reach a very highly targeted audience that being said we will work with you to make sure your key points are strategically placed use our experience and guidance to make you advertising spots work. Podcast audiences will not put up with a hard sell we will show you how to get your message delivered effetively. We have survey information that we can share with you on ways to best place your ad spots and help you get maximum ROI on any ad insert. All Ad inserts are negotiated independently. Please realize their are currently more advertisers than their are podcasters willing to take advertising, keep that in mind with your discussions with us.
Todd Cochrane CEO
Podcast Connect Inc.
5032 Kamehameha LP
Honolulu Hawaii 96818
808-741-4923 (HST) (-3 Pacific)