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Honolulu, Hawaii. (May 26, 2005), the top technical podcast resource worldwide, announced today that the network reached 100,000 Podcast Listeners in April. In addition Tech Podcasts Network recorded over 167,000 podcast downloaded in the same period. This network has grown like wild fire with 16 shows reporting in April, with our membership growing to over 40 shows in may.
Since its inception in January of 2005, has been working to develop a highly accurate picture of reporting our reporting member’s network audience size. Utilizing a proprietary log analysis tool developed within the membership, we guarantee our listener totals are verifiable and credible. has built and is improving audience size statistics that will give the community and companies an accurate gauge of our market penetration.
With the announcement that Apple has its eye on the podcast community with the iTunes media player being adapted, to fully support podcasting under a single software application, this should be an indicator to companies wanting to market on podcast that this is the fastest growing audio distribution medium on the Internet. has taken great care, and has chosen to only announce what we can absolutely verify this has resulted in a degree of conservative reporting. For a white paper on the process we use to measure our totals e-mail
It should be recognized that the Tech Podcasts Network has several members that have standard Audio Streams and adding those totals to our reporting numbers would have resulted in an additional 400,000 downloads and unknown number of unique listeners.
About the Tech Podcast Network is a multi-national membership organization, developed to promote, and serve technology based podcast and audio streaming shows.
The network is the premier source for technical audio shows on the Internet. has attracted and is in the process of signing major sponsors, and advertisers. Your company can also be aligned with branded shows, providing a fit that matches each company’s marketing needs. Contact Network is family of Audio programs that all have agreed to a set core values, all members have agreed to assure a G-type rating on all show materials.
The network has a unique business model with 2 membership levels. Not all members can or want to participate in the commercial aspect of the program yet actively work to build the overall network. Those members that desire to explore the commercial aspect are the only shows that we process their statistics and report.
Find more information about Tech Podcasts Network at and see why this network of audio shows, is a brand that companies and listeners can trust.
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