Podcast Connect and Podcast Awards

Their seems to be some confusion out their and we want to make sure that anyone that is looking for information on the People’s Choice Podcast Awards at www.podcastawards.com has the full story.
Podcast Connect Inc. founder Todd Cochrane envisioned the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and had the PodcastAwards.com website built, Podcast Connect put in place the procedures for the nominations, evaluation of nominees and voting. Podcast Connect staff were responsible for securing the sponsors and putting together the nearly $4000.00 in awards and prizes to the 20 category winners.
We partnered with the folks at the Portable Media and Podcast Expo to participate in a joint ceremony so that we could honor the People’s Choice Podcast Awards Winners and hand out the 20 awards plus cash and prizes.
It should be noted that TNC Media had their own separate independent process in selecting their two podcast award winners. TNC Media honored their two podcast winners during the same joint ceremony. I have seen several press releases that give TNC media credit for the “People’s Choice Podcast Awards” that was sponsored by Podcast Connect. So we wanted to clarify that although the awards ceremony was held jointly TNC Media and Podcast Connect had two independent awards process’s
We would not have been able to honor our podcast winners the way we did without the help of TNC Media and are grateful for them allowing us the opportunity to work with them.
Podcast Connect Inc is the owner and administrator of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and we look forward to working with TNC Media for the 2006 event. We have invested literally thousands of dollars into podcastawards.com which is a one of a kind unique voting engine that took over 3 months to design test and implement.
Podcast Connect Inc.