Podcast Expo and Awards Ceremony

We have been really busy getting ready for the Podcast Awards ceremony at Podcast Expo. Trophies are due to be finished next week, the grand prize awards have been ordered. The ceremony program is in it’s final design phase, that will be going to the printer next week. We have some big banners to be order at Kinkos this Saturday and a couple of the guys from techpodcasts.com will be photographing the event.
We need someone to video tape the event, looking for a podcaster of video caster volunteer.
We are pretty excited about November as thier are several major initiatives that are underway. My partners and I formed a new company to manage the Podcaster News Network and that site after months of work is set to launch very soon and I am really excited about that. The list does not stop there, we are looking for a marketing manager and content manager to join the team at RawVoice.
The gang is working hard at over at TechPodcasts.com in getting ready to move forward with phase two of that site, and I have some things up my sleeve that I have been working on here at Podcast Connect. We continue to look for podcasters that want to be involved with a new initaitive.
I plan on having a bag of swag when I show up at the Podcast Expo so if you come talk to me I will be sure to have something for ya to take home. We are working very hard to make sure we have a live stream of the Podcast Awards Ceremony, should be a lot of fun for all! Their is nothing like boot strapping a business though lots of fun, but exhausting to say the least.