Why Podcast Networks Work

I have seen several post from podcasters that think the Podcast Network model is not going to work, and I have to laugh, the reason I have to laugh is because we have been tracking along pretty darn well. I kinda lost count on the number of deals I have put together but advertisers are coming back and the audience sizes keep growing so we must be doing something right. If it is not obvious why banding together is not a good idea then obviously you don’t know a great deal about typical podcast audience sizes.
Over the next 9 months though I will be focusing a lot on the content of those we align with because you don’t grow market share without good content. Needless to say I am pretty excited about our long overdue site that we have cooking hopefully I will be able to share the details in the next few weeks.
Meanwhile I will keep on making sure that the podcasters that are doing the work get paid.