Podcast Connect connecting Advertisers to Podcasters

Today I say an article written that was giving certain companies accolades in the podcast media space, who are reaping the rewards for some of the work we have done here over the last year. To not get any credit is wrong, I will be honest sometimes I wonder if the editors of these articles have done their homework and actually know who is moving ad deals for podcasters.
There are only a few companies that have been consistently successful in executing podcast ad campaigns and putting real dollars in podcasters pockets, and we are one of them. Since May of 2005 Podcast Connect has been delivering ad campaigns for various companies and we know we have a formula that works.
Our ad inventory is sold, and our podcasters are getting paid this is what counts in the end. My second company RawVoice is having equal success at the Podcaster News Network having just finished a campaign for the USA Network, and with our imminent launch of some new product offerings we are set to bring into play aggregation of podcasters in a much larger way.
All I can do is continue to be the advocate I have, and make sure that we continue to deliver the goods for our advertising partners.