Podcast Awards Traffic breaking last year totals!

Got a message form GoDaddy support this morning, that said hey your busting your smtp send limit, and we wonder what is going on with your box. I called to explain to them that were sending out nomination verification e-mails, they then told me that we have been hitting there upper limit. Well they raised the limit to 15,000 per day and we will see if that is enough.
If it’s like last year I will have to call them later in the week. As expected a lot of people are trying to game the system as it was last year. Duplicate IP submissions are rampant from IP’s that we don’t expect to see duplicate entries, they can submit all day long, but in the end those duplicate nominations all go to the trash can. The new logging is easy to see the abuse, along with the cross check mechanisms we enabled is flagging the bogus entries.
People are also invalidating there nominations by putting the same show in every category.
Overall though I can say I am pretty impressed by the quality of most of the submissions.