The Tech Podcasts Network announce today the release of the Charter and Membership document.
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We are currently working on the affiliates document which will spell out the rules that members will have to adhere to in order to become an affiliate.
We have been hard at work behind the scenes to come up with verifiable numbers on how many listeners, are tuning in to the current family of programming, we are very close to releasing our first reports. Today we do not care if that number is 20,000 to 250,000 weekly listeners so long as we know what the number is and can build from that point. As we now start to review the dozens of request for membership, we will be looking for quality not quantity. Not everyone will be approved, those that are not will be told why and will be allowed to apply again when our criteria is met.
Our goal is to make this networks programming of independent Tech Podcasters the best on the Internet today. Our content is Family and Work safe. We value everyone of our listeners and hope you continue to be part of our family. We are developing a brand that consumers and advertisers can trust. Please feel free to particpate in our forums and ask questions and make suggestions.
If you are interested in sponsorship on the Tech Podcasts Network we are a few weeks away from being able to help you build your brand. You should send inquiries to those interested in becoming a member of Tech Podcasts please review these guidlines.
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