Voting is Closed for the 2007 Podcast Awards

The 2007 People’s Choice Podcast Awards response has been nothing less than amazing. We destroyed every benchmark that was set in the previous two years.

Even though listeners could vote once every 24 hours over 1.3 million people voted at least one time. The average number of times a person voted was 3. The most votes that were submitted and later verified in one hour was 22,109.

The investment to move up to a better server served us very well. The MySQL database went from about 1k in size before we started to about 1.5 gig by the time we were finished.

Attempts at cheating were down this year but we did have a significant number of people that voted with more than one email address that had their votes nullified in our validation and cross check process.

I am going to have to pull last years data but I am nearly positive that we had a 4x increase in the number of people that actually voted. We will be reviewing the data now and putting it through the Audit process so we should have an announcement on Wednesday.