12th Annual Podcast Awards

The 12th Annual Podcast Awards nomination opened with the new site and process making the debut earlier this spring. With the re-organization of the awards and the new committee in place to help shape what comes next we feel the site and awards are in a much better position to move forward. While the registration in fee in 2016 was met with some complaints we feel that we are now able to sustain the awards without having to write a personal check each year to make up the difference.

While we did entertain bids to sell the awards in 2017, each entity minus one wanted to heavily commercialize it and we felt that the spirit of the awards would not be maintained. Thus we buckled down, used the GoFundMe campaign funds and re-built the site. While the build cost will come in higher than then the money we raised we feel confident that we can make up the difference and proceed in out years with the infrastructure we have now.