Podcast Advertising Opportunities Available Today!

Over the past 2 weeks we have signed three new advertising deals which has resulted in 400+ shows at Blubrry.com being given the option to sign up for a advertising deals. While we are happy with being able to help over 500 of our Blubrry and Podcaster News community members monetise their shows since the respective sites launch we are informing all aspiring podcasters that we have several long term CPM campaigns starting April 1st and we have room in those campaigns for a significant number of podcasters to participate.

If your looking to monetise your show I encourage you to join the Blubrry.com community and when you are signed up fill out the advertising survey in your podcast show profile, we can get you started earning money on existing promotions today and also be presented with the new ad offers for the new long term campaigns starting April 1st.

This is a limited opportunity as we have to finalize the promotion in the next 2 weeks and after the promotion is finalized you would have to wait till or next advertising deals are presented.

You can find more info about the latest happenings at Blubrry, at blog.blubrry.com