Quarter 4 Podcast Advertising Available

As many of you know I wear many hats in the podcasting space. My main focus on a day to day basis is building RawVoice . One thing we have highly successful at is signing advertisers for ad deals in the 3000+ podcasters that are part of our family of podcast communities.

Over the past week I have been ramping up for Quarter 4 advertising, the dollars that are being infused this quarter will be our biggest quarter ever. The quickest way to take advantage of those offers is belong to list your show at Blubrry.com

While we have over 1000 of those podcasters on advertising buys our main focus continues to be creating tools and services that make it easier for podcasters to produce and promote their podcast.

If you have not checked out our communities I encourage you to join, as the benefits of membership actually translate into a pretty significant dollar value each month .

RawVoice Welcomes GotoMyPC as a new Sponsor

RawVoice is Proud to announce the largest podcast advertising deal ever executed! With 3 combined advertising deals and the addition of GotoMyPC as a new sponsor have resulted in the largest continuous number of Podcast participating in ad campaigns that we are aware of. All independent podcasters are participants on the RawVoice family of websites.

We are proud to have the Grammar Girl Podcast and several shows from the QDNow Network participating in this new campaign along with Podcasts from both the Blubrry.com and PodcasterNews.com communities.

RawVoice has been able to guarantee multiple of millions listener impressions each month for GotoMyPC through these Podcast which we negotiated the advertising deals for. We are excited to add GotoMyPc to our list of long term subscribers.

You can get a free trial of GotoMyPc at gotomypc.com/podcast


Earn Money Today on your Podcast!

I am eagerly anticipating a April 1st start date for a number of new Podcast Advertising Campaigns. Currently we have open ended deals for any podcasters that want them and some special offers that we will be making available in a couple of weeks to a large number of the Podcasters on both PodcasterNews.com and Blubrry.com suffice to say anyone that wants to earn money on their shows can do so immediately.
We have a large number of vendors that we are in talks with at the same time so even though we have a 1200 plus podcasters that can sign up for ad deals we will likely have excess inventory. This is always a good position to be in. So if your show needs a sponsor you need to sign up today at Blubrry.com

Podcast Advertising Opportunities Available Today!

Over the past 2 weeks we have signed three new advertising deals which has resulted in 400+ shows at Blubrry.com being given the option to sign up for a advertising deals. While we are happy with being able to help over 500 of our Blubrry and Podcaster News community members monetise their shows since the respective sites launch we are informing all aspiring podcasters that we have several long term CPM campaigns starting April 1st and we have room in those campaigns for a significant number of podcasters to participate.

If your looking to monetise your show I encourage you to join the Blubrry.com community and when you are signed up fill out the advertising survey in your podcast show profile, we can get you started earning money on existing promotions today and also be presented with the new ad offers for the new long term campaigns starting April 1st.

This is a limited opportunity as we have to finalize the promotion in the next 2 weeks and after the promotion is finalized you would have to wait till or next advertising deals are presented.

You can find more info about the latest happenings at Blubrry, at blog.blubrry.com

Hitachi Sponsors Geek News Central and Slashdot Review to CES

HitachiHitachi has agreed to sponsor the Geek News Central Podcast and the SlashdotReview Podcast at the 2007 Consumer Electronics show.

Host Andy McCaskey of Slashdot Review and Host Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central will be bringing technology buffs worldwide out takes from the 2007 event with short summary videocast produced daily sponsored by Hitachi.

Andy and Todd will be scouring the convention floor to find you innovative new products with on-site interviews, which will be released as special edition podcast each night of the show.

Andy and Todd coverage of the 2006 CES was unique in that they brought CES coverage to multiple hundreds of thousands of listeners world wide. Subscribers of both shows should look forward to not only Audio Podcast but comprehensive Video reports.

The goal this year is to not only cover the major events but to talk to small vendors who normally do not get much press coverage as we did last year. It should be an exciting event and we look forward to bringing you both video and audio podcasts.

Both the Geek News Central Podcast and SlashdotReview Podcasts are members of the Tech Podcast Network and combined postings of their shows will be found on various outlets with TechPodcasts.com having links to all produced media.

GoDaddy Renews Advertising Contract with Geek News Central

Geek News Central Podcast the show that brought GoDaddy.com into the Podcast Advertising space has agreed to renew the contract with the Geek News Central Podcast for another 6 months taking the site and show sponsorship out to a full two years.
The relationship is a strong one as the host of the Geek News Central podcast growing audience continues to utilize GoDaddy world class hosting services and register domains using one of the extraordinary discount codes like “Todd” which gives buyers a 10% overall discount on products and services.
Check out the Geek News Central Podcast and see why this long running sponsorship continues to foster a good ROI for GoDaddy

Tech Companies To Spend $10M In Blog, Podcast and RSS Ads

What is good news is that the Tech Podcast Network, of which we are the administrative arm has a very large segment of the most popular Tech Podcast, all creating G rated content. If you are a Tech company, and want to get in the podcast advertising space we can get you into the space today, This network has been doing campaigns longer than any other podcast organization. [publications.mediapost.com]
If your a tech podcaster looking for sponsorship I have immediate sponsorship opportunities today. Your show can start earning money this month. Apply for membership at [TechPodcasts.com]
For more info podcast@podcastconnect.com