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If anybody knows anything about advertising and podcasting I do. I don’t claim to be a expert but I have probably signed more deals for podcasters than anyone in the industry at this point. Having a advertiser on a podcast is a lot of work and making sure that the right advertiser is partnered with the podcaster is a challenge as well. When I heard about Fruitcast last night I went over and looked at their site. Everything looked good till I found one item that projected that podcasters would earn .25 cents per listener it made me pause.
I know the detailed information you have to provide to advertisers to get a deal and they want assurances that you are going to reach the demographic they are looking for, they want ad placements that are typically 30 seconds, very few will buy a spot unless it is at least 30 seconds and they want that placement in a strategic portion of the show. This also includes banner ads on the site, text announcements on the page and a mention in the show notes. Oh and the most important thing they want to track the ROI, thus you have to be creative with promotion codes or specific URL’s or mediaplex codes to track everything. Once they are sure you have that in place you can likely sign deals. But you better be able to deliver a ROI or they will drop you like a hot potato.
What this boils down to is this, if Fruitcast can deliver .25 cents per 1000 listeners I will give them everything in my inventory today. I have sent them a note and told them I can deliver now 1.2 million listens a month on the shows that I have signing power for. But they will have to make a few modifications to their program to not alienate the audience. I will be asking if they have done polling to determine what podcasts listeners want, and I will also demand that we get to choose which advertisers are aligned with those we represent. [FruitCast]
I have seen some positive reviews of their site but lets see some deals signed and some testimonials that they can hit that magic number they have come out with.
Podcast Connect

Attention Podcasters

Are you a podcaster looking for help commercializing and building your podcast listenership, do you want to be aligned with a company with a proven track record? Do you want a chance to be part of a ground floor opportunity that is being put together! We want to work with podcasters that want to kick it up a notch who are highly motivated. Drop us an email to podcast@podcastconnect.com and we will send you a questionnaire that you can submit to be considered for a possible invitation to an opportunity that will be part of a new initiative here at Podcast Connect.

Deeply Humbled to win this award!

Podcast Connect Inc. Founder Todd Cochrane was honored in Honolulu Sept 25th 2005 he was awarded a Hawaii High Tech Leader Award for 2005 At the awards banquet he and other technology leaders were honored, the event was attended by nearly 1000 people with nearly all of the technology companies in Hawaii in attendance.
This award stemmed from his work in Podcasting to include his book on Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide, the podcast he creates at Geek News Central and the Geek News Central website. Todd says he is is deeply humbled to have received such an award.
The award included certificates from the Governor of Hawaii and the Mayor of Honolulu. Todd states this has been an amazing year and is nice to see Geek News Central and Podcast Connect to be honored with this award.
Sales of his book Podcasting The Do It Yourself Guide continue to do very well and he is very pleased with the numbers that continue to show that the book is selling very well in all markets.


The Best Tech Show for the Common Man available via Podcast
Honolulu, Hawaii. (June 2, 2005) Podcast Connect, Inc., parent company of GeekNewsCentral.com, one of the top technical podcast worldwide, announced today a major long-term sponsorship deal with GoDaddy.com. The Geek News Central Podcast is produced and released twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday at 6 a.m. (EST).
“This is one of the first long-term sponsorship deals to hit the Podcasting Channel,” says Todd Cochrane, host of the Geek News Central Podcast, and author of the first book on podcasting, “Podcasting: The Do It Yourself Guide” (www.amazon.com/podcasting).
Geek News Central is uniquely positioned to deliver great incentives for Go Daddy products and services in the coming months. Readers of the Geek News Central website and listeners of the Geek News Central podcast will be able to take advantage of special pricing on Go Daddy products.
Cochrane says this is the perfect marketing fit. “I have used Go Daddy products for a long time, and their product line is one I endorse and stand behind.”
The Geek News Central website is currently hosted on a Go Daddy Virtual Dedicated Server. Additionally, Cochrane has over 30 domains registered through the Go Daddy domain registration service.
The Geek News Central website is where Cochrane and his crew of associate editors talk about technology, fair use, DRM, and other significant world events. Cochrane’s podcast is a reflection of the website. His shows and website cover important issues including strong family values (his show is child safe and educational). Not only does Todd talk tech and bring the topics down to a level that the average person can understand, but he also has his thumb on the heartbeat of the podcasting community.
Detailed descriptions of prior shows can be found at www.geeknewscentral.com/podcasts. The show is always free and lots of fun.
About Podcast Connect, Inc.
Podcast Connect Inc. (www.podcastconnect.com) is the world’s leading innovator in podcast marketing, with administrative management of the fast-growing Tech Podcasts Network (www.techpodcasts.com), They also host and manage the 2005 People’s Choice Podcast Awards (www.podcastawards.com), which gets underway on June 15, 2005. The Podcast Connect Team is fast developing itself into a powerhouse marketing arm for the Podcasting Community. Their mission statement is simple: podcasters do the work, podcasters get paid. Their model is based on trust and respect with good moral and family values.
Todd Cochrane Founder
5032 Kamehameha Lp.
Honolulu Hawaii 96818

Podcast Connect Launches

Podcast Connect Inc. was founded in 2005 by Todd Cochrane author of Podcasting The Do It Yourself Guide and Founder of Geek news Central and the Geek News Central Podcast. He is also the co-founder of TechPodcasts.com which is the worlds largest technical podcasting organization. Additional the Podcaster News Network which is launching in Nov of 2005 as a independent company was the brain child of Podcast Connect Inc founder.
The Mission of Podcast Connect is simple. Create a number of Podcast Brands that will provide a umbrella of services for consumers, and podcasters. To align quality audio shows with quality advertisers to promote business and brand building Ultimately with the end goal of “Podcasters do the work, Podcasters get paid.”
Advertisers: If you are an advertising firm desiring or are the ad placement agent for your company, Podcast Connect Inc has a proven track record of connecting podcasters and advertisers. Many podcasters shows sizes are such that it is not worth your time to sign individual ad inserts. We help you find a cadre of shows that meet your market and do a bulk insert of your promotion. You sign one deal with us we handle the rest of the insertion order details. For more info marketing@podcastconnect.com
Note: The podcasting model is different in that, we can reach a very highly targeted audience that being said we will work with you to make sure your key points are strategically placed use our experience and guidance to make you advertising spots work. Podcast audiences will not put up with a hard sell we will show you how to get your message delivered effetively. We have survey information that we can share with you on ways to best place your ad spots and help you get maximum ROI on any ad insert. All Ad inserts are negotiated independently. Please realize their are currently more advertisers than their are podcasters willing to take advertising, keep that in mind with your discussions with us.
Todd Cochrane CEO
Podcast Connect Inc.
5032 Kamehameha LP
Honolulu Hawaii 96818
808-741-4923 (HST) (-3 Pacific)

Our Mission

The Mission of Podcast Connect is simple. Create a number of Podcast Brands that will provide a umbrella of services for consumers, podcasters. . This is our roll-out plan.
Techpodcasts.com an independent website that I am part of will official launch in March 2005 with it’s own brand. It is a group of Tech Podcasters working together, promoting each other and protecting each others interest.
In May 2005 Podcast-One will launch. Podcast One will be companies and individuals one source to production and consulting services for those wishing to create podcast.
In June 2005 the 1st annual Peoples Choice Podcast Awards will kickoff !
In July 2005 Podcast Stream will launch with a service to bridge the power of walk away content with those using traditional streaming services.
Mid year 2005 will see the launch of the Podcaster News Network with Domestic Sports, News, Technology, Business, Science, Politics. At the Same time we will Launch Podcast International that will cover the same topics on a International Scale
This is a very aggressive schedule and is not without challenges. We are looking for Investors, Podcasters, Sponsors and anyone else that wants to work with the Podcast Connect family. We are not asking you to sell your brand only align with us to utilize the resources of what we are organizing.
Get involved podcast@podcastconnect.com