2010 Podcast Awards Winners

This past Saturday we held the 6th Annual Podcast Awards and recognized all of the shows that were nominated and those that won. With well over 3 million people submitting votes this year the competition was fierce. In the end 22 shows broke out in their respective categories. Congrats to the winners. For more details visit PodcastAwards.com

Peoples Choice – Tell ‘Em Steve Dave!
Best Produced – Radiolab
Best Video Podcast – TED
Business – Career Tools
Comedy – Tell ‘Em Steve Dave
Cultural/Arts – Decoder Ring Theatre
Education – The History of Rome
Entertainment – The Fringe Podcast
Food and Drink – Beer Download
Gaming – 4Player Podcast
General – The Survival Podcast
GLBT – Savage Love
Health/Fitness – QuackCast
Mature – WTF with Marc Maron
Movies and Film – Doug Love Movies
Music – Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Politics / news – Free Talk Live.com
Religion Inspirations – Atheist News Podcast
Science – The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
Sports – The BS Report
Technology – This Week in Tech
Travel – WDW Radio Show