Jason Calacanis and a Podcast Predictions

Hey Jason got a question for you and it is in reference to this prediction:
12. No podcasting company will have any significant success in 2006, but a number of podcasters will be offered great jobs at Sirius and XM Radio.
How can you say no one will have significant success in 2006, when Podcast Connect has seen huge success this year. I don’t measure success in millions of dollars like you do, but I do measure success in several other ways.
Success is TechPodcasts.com and the reporting Affiliates are reaching 500,000 plus individual listeners each month, with podcasters putting some sponsorship money in their pockets for the past 6 months. Some of the podcasters are paying their house payments with their earnings. I think that is success don’t you!

is the launch of the very first Citizen Media Podcast News Outlet at PodcasterNews.com which in it’s first 30 days has built up to 50 content producers contributing weekly content, by creating short five minute podcasts on news, lifestyle and general interest stories. Don’t even get me started on the mechanics of the engine that runs podcasternews.com, we are now licensing that engine to various organizations nationwide that are rolling out podcasting solutions. Pretty good for a startup that is being built while we all have day jobs!
We have had a great 2005, and I expect 2006 to be that much better and then some. If XM or Sirius want to talk we will be happy to talk to them but guess what are making this evolution happen without them. For that I am making it my personal challenge to insure that prediction #12 is wrong! [Jason Calacanis]

Podcast Connect New Site Design

When I moved from the old server to the new one I decided to stop using Joomla and move to MovableType and although the site is not back to 100% functionality I can update the site much easier and having a robust template design can proceed.
Company update we have been just 100% up to our ears in Podcasting consulting and helping podcasters find sponsors etc. We have a pile of applications to go through and we will be doing the site reviews over the holidays and dropping you notices on our plans.

Podcast Awards 2005

Now that we have the first year of the Podcast Awards behind us it is time to kick it up for 2006, I want to kick it up in a big way. In order to do that and make it like the Grammys we will need to raise a small fortune in cash. Here is what I am thinking.
500 Person Banquet Ticket Price Subsidized
Top Notch Keynote Speaker
Video Simulcast
Major Prize Packages
Of the top of my head I think this will run about $50,000 if I want to really kick this thing up we can fly the winners in, and will need to raise even more money. To pull this off I am going to need someone that can help secure some major sponsors. If you want to be involved in what could turn out to be the beginning of something really big and will draw major press coverage send me a e-mail podcast@podcastconnect.com this position will be commission based.