Deeply Humbled to win this award!

Podcast Connect Inc. Founder Todd Cochrane was honored in Honolulu Sept 25th 2005 he was awarded a Hawaii High Tech Leader Award for 2005 At the awards banquet he and other technology leaders were honored, the event was attended by nearly 1000 people with nearly all of the technology companies in Hawaii in attendance.
This award stemmed from his work in Podcasting to include his book on Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide, the podcast he creates at Geek News Central and the Geek News Central website. Todd says he is is deeply humbled to have received such an award.
The award included certificates from the Governor of Hawaii and the Mayor of Honolulu. Todd states this has been an amazing year and is nice to see Geek News Central and Podcast Connect to be honored with this award.
Sales of his book Podcasting The Do It Yourself Guide continue to do very well and he is very pleased with the numbers that continue to show that the book is selling very well in all markets.