2010 Podcast Awards!

As I sit here in early July I have to start thinking about the 2010 Podcast Awards. Honestly the past couple of years the event has been exhausting. It takes up well over 100 hours of my time each year to pull off.

Last year was the first year that we did not break even financially, after paying all expenses and increased trophy costs. I had about a $1000.00 in additional expenses that came out of Podcast Connects pockets. The goal is break even not loose money!

So the question I am asking myself should the awards continue. I am also irritated that last year we went to all that work and less than half of the winners were willing to come on the awards show. Plus Ustream.tv even though we warned them multiple times, got blown out when we went over 4000 people on the live stream.

While I will likely punish myself maybe it is time to bring in some podcasters to help. What do you think?