Geek News Central to be part of Honda Fit Podcast Campaign

I am happy to announce that Geek News Central was selected along with other podcasters to participate in a Podcast Awareness campaign for the Honda Fit. We look forward to promoting a vehicle that is an exceptional consumer value along with getting great Gas Mileage! I will be visiting a local Honda dealer and checking out the car and may even take you all on a test drive. [] [Honda Fit]

Libsyn Reports Mind Blowing Podcasting Stats!

Further proof that the podcasting space is red hot, if you want some hard core facts from the heavy lifters in the podcasting space you need to read this article. Some Quick Facts, Tracked Unique IP’s: 45,239,341
“Across all 3,800 libsyn users, our network delivers well over 1 million media files per day. The most popular shows do over 100,000 impressions any given day, and have an active audience in the 6-figure range.”
Some good info their and congrats to the Libsyn team for keeping us all in business. [Libsyn]
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Tech Companies To Spend $10M In Blog, Podcast and RSS Ads

What is good news is that the Tech Podcast Network, of which we are the administrative arm has a very large segment of the most popular Tech Podcast, all creating G rated content. If you are a Tech company, and want to get in the podcast advertising space we can get you into the space today, This network has been doing campaigns longer than any other podcast organization. []
If your a tech podcaster looking for sponsorship I have immediate sponsorship opportunities today. Your show can start earning money this month. Apply for membership at []
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Call for Sponsors!

The 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Awards is getting ramped up and we have already filled three of our Major five sponsorship slots. The website activity is already starting to pick up as we get prepared to do a site refresh on May 15th with all the new sponsors listings and category updates. New this year is a specific sponsorship category for trophies. You can get the details at and send your questions to
The Awards Ceremony will once again be held in Ontario California during the Podcast Expo.