Podcast Award Sponsors Wanted and Contest Details

As announced in February we have been busy preparing for The 2005 Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. We have been real busy behind the scenes here getting ready for the official launch of the podcastawards.com website. The launch of the site and the announcement of the categories will be happening within the next week.
This is going to be a great time for you to get your listeners ready to particpate in the contest. We are also very happy to be having the awards ceremony during Podcast Expo and look forward to seeing podcasters worldwide attend Podcast Expo and meet the forthcoming winners.
We will start the nomination process on June 15th with voting commencing in July.
I had contemplated trying to have the site be 100% podcaster supported to keep the site non-commercial. In order to raise the type of funds we need, to really make this a special event I have opted to sign advertisers.
We have a sponsorship goal amount and it is not small. The goal amount will allow us to award great prizes to the winners, and for the two top categories we are actually going to help the podcaster get to Podcast Expo in Nov by off-setting some of the travel expenses and pay for their entrance fee.
The Podcast Awards administratively is being handled by Podcast Connect but this will be a non-profit event.
The site is going to see an unbelievable amount of traffic during the contest and through next year. So sponsors will see a huge number of banner exposures and we feel we are giving exceptional value to those firms and organizations that become sponsors.
We are now looking for sponsors and before we step outside the podcast community we will be seeking solicitations from within.
We have 5 levels of Sponsorship
Platinum (2) Spots Available
Gold (3) Spots Available
Silver (20) Spots Available
Prize Donation
Individual Donations
A Platinum Sponsor ($2000.00) will get a banner advertisement at the top of the site 468×60 and will have the choice of sponsoring one of the following two categories. The Peoples Choice Podcast of the Year or The Best Produced Podcast. You advertisement will remain on the site until the 2006 podcast awards. Your sponsorship donation will go towards paying for the prize and off setting travel expenses of the winner to Podcast Expo in November. Your companies name will be emblazed on one of the prizes and if your company is in attendance at Podcast Expo, we will take your picture with the winner and place that photo on the PodcastAwards.com website along with being included in any national press releases. In addition you will be given a page on the website to place commercial content which will be linked from our sponsor’s page to describe your company. Any interviews by the Podcast Awards staff will make ever attempt to mention our Platinum Sponors.
A Gold Sponsors ($1000.00) will be give banner ad space 120×240 on the left or right columns of the website and be recognized as a Gold Sponsor at the awards ceremony. You advertisement will remain on the site until the 2006 podcast awards. Your sponsorship donation will go into the general fund and be used to pay for awards in the remaining categories. You do have the option to be a specific category sponsor. You will be given 1/2 page on Gold Sponsors page to describe your product or service.
A Silver Sponsor ($500.00) will be allowed to place a mini banner ad on the left and right hand columns of the website 88×31. You advertisement will remain on the site until the 2006 podcast awards. Your sponsorship donation will go into the general fund and be used to pay for awards in the remaining categories. You will be given 1/4 page on Silver Sponsors page to describe your product or service.
Prize Donation companies wanting to donate prizes to be distributed as we see fit or to a specific category your prize will be listed in the specific category with a link on our site going to a page that describes your donated prize and links and information to your company. If your prize is an equal or higher value than a Silver Sponsor you will be allowed an 88×31 banner on the website.
Individual Donations if you are a individual and want to donate funds towards podcast awards we will have a rotataing blogroll that will feature those that have contributed to the site including a page with your name and website listed. A minimum of $50.00 donation will be required
If you are interested in being a sponsor contact podcastawards@gmail.com

TechPodcasts.com Update

The Tech Podcasts Network announce today the release of the Charter and Membership document.
In a Statment Posted on [techpodcasts.com]
We are currently working on the affiliates document which will spell out the rules that members will have to adhere to in order to become an affiliate.
We have been hard at work behind the scenes to come up with verifiable numbers on how many listeners, are tuning in to the current family of programming, we are very close to releasing our first reports. Today we do not care if that number is 20,000 to 250,000 weekly listeners so long as we know what the number is and can build from that point. As we now start to review the dozens of request for membership, we will be looking for quality not quantity. Not everyone will be approved, those that are not will be told why and will be allowed to apply again when our criteria is met.
Our goal is to make this networks programming of independent Tech Podcasters the best on the Internet today. Our content is Family and Work safe. We value everyone of our listeners and hope you continue to be part of our family. We are developing a brand that consumers and advertisers can trust. Please feel free to particpate in our forums and ask questions and make suggestions.
If you are interested in sponsorship on the Tech Podcasts Network we are a few weeks away from being able to help you build your brand. You should send inquiries to tech@techpodcasts.com those interested in becoming a member of Tech Podcasts please review these guidlines.
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Company Update

Things have been busy. With the organization of everything going on over at TechPodcasts.com and getting ready to really dig into “The People Choice Podcast Awards I have not had much time to even breath.
I have a stack of sites that want to become involved in our Podcast News Network fortunately we are a few months away from getting really serious about getting all of that ready to roll. So much to do and so little time.
You only need look at what is happening with Podcasting at this moment to realize that a lot is happening in the channel. When you are not rich and famous all you can do is build it one day at a time and focus on the important things like the podcasters and keep on having fun.
I am looking for a Sponsor to help out with one extra conference that we did not have in the budget. If you are interested in sponsoring Podcast Connect or Geek News Central to Gnomedex 5.0 then drop me an e-mail. I may let you in on a little secret that would sweeten the deal enough to make you want to write me a check on the spot.
Podcast Connect and the Creator of the Geek News Central Podcast

The 2005 Peoples Choice Podcast Awards

Will be kicking off June 15th 2005 and we are now looking for corporate sponsors. We have already received some inquiries but if your company would like to become an Award Sponsor please send inquiries to podcastawards@gmail.com
With a limited number sponsor spots available we want to give those of you involved in podcasting a chance to become sponsors.
The 2005 Peoples Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony will be held during Podcast Expo (www.podcastexpo.com) November 11th and 12th in Ontario California.
This is an event that could result in National Media Attention for your Company!