Podcast Connect is proud to Announce the Official Launch of Tech Podcast a hybrid directory of Tech Podcast!
Tech Podcasts Site Launch
The Tech Podcasts website at, a hybrid directory of tech podcasts, was officially re-launched today with new features. The Tech Podcasts site launch comes with renewed dedication by those participating to solidify the Tech Podcast community.
Tech Podcasters wishing to join the Tech Podcasts site must first submit a request to be a member to and agree to the site’s common goals. Those involved with are building a community of podcasters with the intention of creating content that marketers can favorably align themselves with.
Tech Podcasters have made steady progress towards common ideals and goals, and while respecting each others brand have agreed in part to work together to the best of their ability.
You will want keep a eye on the site as new features will be added daily. Look for member profiles and a full calendar of when Podcasts from the Tech Podcast groups will be available on the web. We will also be bringing you tutorials on podcasting and a range of other materials that the organization will publish.
Thank You
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