Why Podcast Networks Work

I have seen several post from podcasters that think the Podcast Network model is not going to work, and I have to laugh, the reason I have to laugh is because we have been tracking along pretty darn well. I kinda lost count on the number of deals I have put together but advertisers are coming back and the audience sizes keep growing so we must be doing something right. If it is not obvious why banding together is not a good idea then obviously you don’t know a great deal about typical podcast audience sizes.
Over the next 9 months though I will be focusing a lot on the content of those we align with because you don’t grow market share without good content. Needless to say I am pretty excited about our long overdue site that we have cooking hopefully I will be able to share the details in the next few weeks.
Meanwhile I will keep on making sure that the podcasters that are doing the work get paid.

ShowUsYourCharacter Campaign

RawVoice the parent company of the Podcaster News Network (www.podcasternews.com) announce today that select network shows at PCN are starting a one month promotion, for the “USA Network”, to promote a very hip program called ShowUsYourCharacter, which can be found at (www.showusyourcharacter.com).
The goal of this campaign is to get people excited about the “Show Us Your Character” website and the 2006 contest that is being hosted by the USA Network, CEO Todd Cochrane of RawVoice says
“The Podcasting community and our broad listener audience all have unique talents, and definitely unique characters, so this is the perfect opportunity for our network of shows to promote the positive things the USA Network is doing, with this contest, and the ShowUsYourCharacter community they are building, we are well suited to get this message out in the hottest creative medium sweeping the Internet today”
The tenants of the USA Network ShowUsYourCharacter promotion states:
“There’s a character in all of us. And now you can share your unique character with the world at ShowUsYourCharacter.com. Join now and begin uploading your own videos, photos and profile — you can share a hidden talent, show off your celebrity impersonation, or give the ShowUsYourCharacter community a glimpse into your life. Chat and interact with thousands of other members, and get to know some of the characters of the U.S.A.”
RawVoice and the Podcaster News Network is proud to be participating in this campaign, and we hope that all of you will show of your character at ShowUsYourCharacter.com, and who knows maybe a podcaster, vcaster or listener will end up winning ShowUsYourCharacter contest an gain national recognition. [RawVoice]

Podcast Awards Sponsor Update!

I am quite happy as we have secured the Platinum Sponsor and Two Gold Sponsors, so we are in good shape with only 2 Gold Sponsorships remaining and virtually all the Silver spots which tend to fill up near the start of the contest we have added a new sponsorship category this year which will help us cover the added cost of the new trophy design. [PodcastAwards.com]