Podcast Awards Ceremony the Friday Night

The Podcast Connect team will be honoring the 2006 People’s choice Podcast Award winners this coming Friday night starting at 5pm at the Ontario Airport Marriott in conjunction with Podcast Expo. We will be recording the event in High Def and will have DVD’s available shortly after the event along with a Video Podcast. See PodcastAwards.com for details

What is Podcast Connect ?

Podcast Connect was one of the first podcast consulting companies, and we represent nearly 500 independent podcasters, and over 20 major corporations. We work with motivated individuals that go the extra mile to make sure their podcast are listened to and their sites seen.
We are the administrative arm of the Tech Podcast Network and the founder of Podcast Connect is the CEO of RawVoice Inc a seperate company that manages and runs sites like Blubrry.com, PodcasterNews.com, PodcastPromos.com.
We also are the creators and managers of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards
We are always looking for talent to represent and live by the motto, Podcasters do the Work, Podcaster Get Paid
Todd Cochrane

Libsyn Reports Mind Blowing Podcasting Stats!

Further proof that the podcasting space is red hot, if you want some hard core facts from the heavy lifters in the podcasting space you need to read this article. Some Quick Facts, Tracked Unique IP’s: 45,239,341
“Across all 3,800 libsyn users, our network delivers well over 1 million media files per day. The most popular shows do over 100,000 impressions any given day, and have an active audience in the 6-figure range.”
Some good info their and congrats to the Libsyn team for keeping us all in business. [Libsyn]
Advertisers are you looking to get in on this space I can help! podcast@podcastconnect.com

Tech Companies To Spend $10M In Blog, Podcast and RSS Ads

What is good news is that the Tech Podcast Network, of which we are the administrative arm has a very large segment of the most popular Tech Podcast, all creating G rated content. If you are a Tech company, and want to get in the podcast advertising space we can get you into the space today, This network has been doing campaigns longer than any other podcast organization. [publications.mediapost.com]
If your a tech podcaster looking for sponsorship I have immediate sponsorship opportunities today. Your show can start earning money this month. Apply for membership at [TechPodcasts.com]
For more info podcast@podcastconnect.com

Podcast News Module Added to Google

My team is pretty happy this morning we are proud to announce that our Podcaster News Latest 5 Google Personalized Home application has been listed in the Google Module area. This is a way to listen to the last 5 podcast created on the Podcaster News Network and is resulting in a dramatic increase in content listens on the network!
Please follow the instruction to Add the PodcasterNews Module to your Google Personalized Home Page.
a. Login to Google Personalized Home Page
a. Click this Link
c. Click Add on the Podcaster News 5 module
d. Your all set enjoy PCN content!